Soundcloud converter

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Creating a blog and also he ways to make money from it

So, you want to know ways to creating a blog, profit from it, and even do it while you work at home. Indeed, there is good news for you. It is easy and it won’t require you much investment at all to get this work. The question you ought to be asking isn’t “The means by which to begin a blog.” The actual question you should be asking yourself is, “The way to begin a profitable blog.”

While creating a blog since you want to write is incredible, you can also make good penny while doing it. You might have a large number of ideas moving in your mind about how to begin a blog, what to write on and many different things. Just try to calm down, because it is simple than you might know if you need to begin a blog and profit from it.

how to make a blog  that pays or simply beginning a log, is simple and should be possible in less than 60 minutes. And, when you get the hang of it, it will take you minutes. The main blog sites that you have to acquaint yourself with are WordPress and Blogger. The reason that these two are at the top on the list is they are both supported by Google. Blogs on these two sites come up close to the highest point of the list items on Google. If you want to have a great blog, you should get high web index rankings, and WordPress and Blogger do precisely that for you.


Entropia Talent Designs Plants For Arkadia

Arkadia’s CEO (Dave Dobson) has struck gold once again in connecting with another of Entropia’s major talents. Does he have a special built-in radar for these things, or could it be that he leaves his options open and recognizes that our Entropian community is a wealth of untapped creative energy.


Whatever the case, he clearly has a respect and appreciation for talented individuals who have a potential for bringing something new and fresh to Planet Arkadia. This is clearly a further demonstration of Arkadia’s engagement in the community and giving developing artists a chance to see their art in a game.

The latest Entropian artist to share his creativity with Arkadia is Parell “Ori” Losira who hails from down under in Australia and has been involved in Entropia Universe since December 18, 2007. That means Ori has a five year anniversary coming up, and I would say a respectable amount of time to experience the ebb and flow of our universe. I’ve known Ori just about all of those years and we fast became friends. He’s an immensely talented individual with great depth and vision, and it shows in the results of his efforts.


I was able to spend some time with Ori and learn more about his journey in Entropia over the years, as well as how it came about that he was offered an opportunity to design for Planet Arkadia. I generally do recorded interviews, but Ori felt more comfortable doing this the old-fashioned way – in print – so I readily accommodated his request.

What follows is an actual question and answer session where you will get the responses in Ori’s own words which actually adds to the character of who he is.  However, before getting into the interview, the following photos give a clearer visual of the plants that Ori has designed that were implemented in the most recent planet update.


Arkadia Celebrates Player’s Designs

It’s not often a player in an online virtual game has an opportunity to employ his or her artistic talents and actually design a unique set of armor based on a particular type of character identified in game storyline. Add a secondary opportunity to completely redesign a game creature, and we have one excited Entropian.

MindStar Media is pleased to present its first Who’s Who Player profile in the new format, and the Entropian we are highlighting has had his artistic talents showcased via several mediums over the years that have benefited many other Entropians. It’s quit fitting that Onciest be profiled in a Who’s Who article, as he contributed in the past to the graphics of other Who’s Who profiles.