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Diverse and the finest duplex designs is what architects endeavour to achieve. This is because it is a major consideration for duplex builders who eventually put advertisements to the final buyers. The other major factor that is considered by the duplex builders is the duplex design floor plans. This is because a well laid out ground plan have a direct bearing on what appliances can fit in the duplex.
For the demand of buildings being constructed to be stimulated, the duplex designs and prices must be right. This is because the final consumer will not only be attracted but also shall be able to afford.
With well thought out tactics, duplex building can fetch supreme profits possible and eventually increase the shareholders’ value.

What are the gains of building duplexes

Increase in revenue
The design of the duplex is that two family units can leave above each other with separate entrances. The ultimate benefits of these to the owner is that two sources of rental income can be realized. Financial burden is greatly reduced to the owner of the building due to double incomes.
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Economy on land use
With a design that comes with duplex, land utilization is realized because two units are built above each other. Instead of constructing one unit at a time, with the duplex design it means the same land mass can be optimized for a higher income.
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Secrecy is possible with a duplex design because family units uses different entrances to their rooms. The effects of this is that harmony among the neighbours can be observed.

Extra security
There is safety in numbers and that is what comes into play when duplex designs are built. This is because neighbourhood has more than one occupant which greatly enhances perceived safety.

Costs reduction
When common bills are shared by the duplex neighbours, the burden is less compared to when a person leaves alone in a separate compound. To the duplex builders; a saving is realized because of the construction of common installations like gate, water and power piping.

By adopting duplex designs, there are many advantages than disadvantages unlike when builders constructs separate unit for different dwellers. Therefore, architects should come up with so many attractive duplex designs so that families can be encouraged to leave together. Therefore, in addressing the scarce resources of land, duplex building should be promoted among family units. With mortgage facilities; family units may be encouraged to own their own duplexes. This has an effect of addressing home ownership related challenges. With governments’ policies on housing, duplex building and ownership may be encouraged among the populace.

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