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Throat Lozenges – Its Effects and Variations

A number of people consume throat lozenges in order to relieve their sore throat. If you are one of those people who are skeptical of its effectiveness then reading this article is highly recommended. Throat lozenges come in different kinds and brands hence it’s quite understandable if you experience some difficulties in choosing which one is suitable for you. Here are the useful pieces of information that you must know about throat lozenges before you pop one into your mouth.

What makes throat lozenges effective for sore throat and how does it work? Throat lozenges are over-the-counter medications that can be easily purchase in different pharmaceutical stores. In consuming these lozenges, the lining of your throat are lubricated more so it prevents any irritation in such linings. Lozenges have different ingredients in it and so as you suck it those ingredients also dissolve in your mouth. Those ingredients found in lozenges also trigger the salivary glands to generate saliva. The saliva along with the ingredients covers the entire throat lining to minimize itchiness and dryness. Since lozenges have different ingredients, you can expect that it has varying effects.

Natural ingredients found in lozenges: Only a few brands are selling lozenges that contain these natural ingredients – pudina, menthol, peppermint oil, honey, ginger, lemon and eucalyptus oil. If you want this type of lozenges then you can just purchase them at any pharmaceutical stores nearby. There are certain guidelines indicated in the at the back of its packaging so be sure to read prior taking in the lozenges. Lozenges that contain natural ingredients must be taken for every three hours.

Menthol – this is the best type of throat lozenges to use when one is having colds and nasal congestion. The main reason why it’s best to use when having such conditions is the fact that it acts as nasal and chest decongestant. The cooling sensation that you feel when consuming this lozenges is brought by the cold-sensitive receptors that are triggered in your throat by these lozenges. Lozenges with menthol flavor are already available in the market these days thus you can simply purchase it and ask the said flavor.

Eucalyptus oil – this ingredient is taken from the leaves of Eucalyptus plant, this is usually a natural remedy for cough and colds. If you are feeling those cold symptoms then this is also best to use.

Honey, lemon, and ginger – these ingredients are commonly found in lozenges for sore throat since it gives a soothing feeling and minimize the inflammation of throat that is usually obtain from constant coughing. Keep in mind that lozenges have also honey flavor, ginger flavored and lemon flavored lozenges so you can just choose any from those three if you have a sore throat.

The Best Advice on Throats I’ve found

The Best Advice on Throats I’ve found

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