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Star Citizen is an upcoming crowd funded game by Chris Roberts, the same person who created Wing Commander and Freelancer. The main target of this upcoming title is to give its gamers unparalleled dynamic sci-fi universe experience. The game is not going to be like any space exploration and combat sim. It is also expected to be bigger than a first person shooter or an MMO game. The goal is unlimited game time and more.

Star Citizen is being viewed as the combat genre comeback for PC gaming. The followers of this game expect a bigger, vastly detailed and highly customizable gamer experience and features. Star Citizen features full rigid body simulation for its ship and its handling. The following new bits of information pertains to the recent development of this game.

As of late, Robert Space Industries offered a sneak peek at Star Citizen update in regards to development. These morsels of Star Citizen is what its followers may have been waiting to hear about.

The developer acknowledges the fact that expensive parts do not mean the right parts for the job of for the ship. Then the remarks further stated that a skilled pilot in a lesser ship can outmaneuver a sophisticatedly decked-out ship. So, the developers added the ability build your ship based on your preferences and not based on standard choices.

Moving on, once you play this game you get the ability to live your space adventure the way you intend it to be. Star Citizen will put you in the center of a dynamic universe with friends, foes and the mysterious beings.

You will experience the freedom to plot your path around the universe. As you do that, you can fill the role of a captain, a mercenary a pirate or anything else. Simply put, you will be the master of your own universe in Star Citizen.

The modification of your ship in this game will be in your full discretion. This is the one of the important promises of the game’s developer. Having unlimited control over ship modification you can rearrange mass, power consumption, signature, ship CPU and other things based on what works for your own ship.

In summary, your choices are important in Star Citizen. Moreover you get to customize other things as well, and not just your ship. You can also choose your occupation. Star Citizen will react based on your inputs or gameplay. Most importantly, there is real science in every movement on this game. This game will expand the limits of our imagination. To learn more, click this.

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