The Effectiveness of the Think-Pair-Share Technique


Think-pair-share is a collaborative learning strategy that helps students to improve their reading comprehension. It allows students to work together to answer a question or solve a problem about an assigned task. It requires students to think individually before responding to a question. The technique enhances students’ oral communication skills by allowing them to discuss their ideas with each other. Discussing an issue and sharing ideas with classmates helps to maximize participation and reading comprehension.


The think, pair, share strategy encourages individual participation and is applicable across all class sizes and grade levels. Students use three approaches to think through questions. The think technique allows students to think independently about a problem that needs to be solved before formulating their solutions. The pair step allows students to form groups to discuss their solutions. Grouping allows students to articulate their thoughts and learn from other students’ views. The share step allows student pairs to present their ideas to the whole class. Students often feel confident presenting their ideas to the entire class with the support of a partner. The three-step process has helped to refine students’ ideas.



The importance of the Think-Pair-Share Technique


Students need more opportunities to discuss in a collaborative environment. A collaborative learning environment helps students to enhance their learning by allowing them to elaborate on ideas through discussions. The think, pair, share technique helps students to hone their oral communication skills that are necessary for them to organize their ideas internally. By articulating their thoughts, students take control of their learning instead of relying solely on their teacher’s guidance. Browse around here to learn more about the think-pair-share technique.


Listening to one another allows students to improve their self-esteem. Sharing ideas helps students to learn from their peers. It also boosts their confidence when presenting ideas to the whole class. Interesting, pairing students ensures no one is left out of the discussion. Even students who are not confident presenting their ideas to the entire class have an audience in this technique. While think, pair, share approach may seem time-consuming, it encourages interaction among students. Students have to think about their ideas before sharing it with classmates.



The think, pair, share technique works well for a school which is new to collaborative learning. You can use it in a variety of contexts. Nonetheless, students must consider an issue or question for it to be effective. It allows students to look at an issue they should derive some benefits from before sharing their ideas with partners. A teacher could decide to set a time limit for the think and pair steps. Nonetheless, they must allocate sufficient time to allow students to articulate their thoughts. The technique allows students to articulate their ideas in several ways. One way is to have a class vote or allow each student to present their views. An overhead projector can be used to record responses for future reference. You could also stop at the pair step, and let each student write their ideas. It is wise to collect all their responses before assessing their level of understanding.

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