Tips to Avoid Ransonware on Open Network Connections

It’s easy to identify when a computer has been infected with ransomware. A large message typically pops up on the screen letting the user know their computer is locked and they will have to pay a large sum of money to unlock it. There’s no use in turning off the computer at this point because the damage has already been done. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to prevent this kind of attack and all the expenses that come along with it.

The most important tip for business owners to express to their employees is to never open email attachments they weren’t expecting on open network connections. Any attachment could contain a virus and once it has infected the computer, it could potentially infect the entire network. Before opening an attachment, employees should be sure the sender intended for them to read it. It might be necessary to make a phone call to verify this in order to prevent infecting the computer.

Although most computers are infected with ransomware through email attachments, many others are downloaded without the computer user’s knowledge when they visit suspicious sites. Business owners should do everything can to block these sites in order to protect the data on their network. When an employee visits a gambling or file sharing site from their desk at work, they put the entire company at risk.

Companies can prevent attacks by always having the latest version of software they use. Updates often include security patches that can stop viruses before they are able to get into a computer’s file system. Although installing updates might be time consuming and slow down the network for a short period of time, the costs to not having the most up-to-date software are much more expensive than the minor inconvenience installing them might cause.

Businesses are impacted by viruses and ransomware all the time. Despite the fact the media only reports when these data breaches happen to global companies, the impact can be just as great for a small business. Taking steps to prevent the malware in the first place can save time and money and may even save the business.

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