Understanding The Benefits of AWS Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing and related services are on the rise and are expected to experience a ton of growth in the coming years. Cloud computing refers to the on-demand delivery of computing power, storage, and other resources through the cloud via the internet. Typically, in the past, people and companies would need to invest in hardware to do the same


The leader in the cloud computing and infrastructure space is Amazon Web Services, as they hold about one third of the overall market share. So what exactly are some of the benefits of using AWS cloud computing vs. traditional computing methods? Well, this article is going to go over several of them so read on to learn about the benefits of AWS cloud computing!

 Increased Level of Security

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As technology continues to advance, unfortunately so do the tactics of hackers and cyber criminals. As a result, data security is a huge concern for companies in any industry, and they are meticulous about ensuring data and sensitive information are safe. Thankfully, AWS is as safe as they come.


AWS uses a complete end-to-end model to ensure everything is secure. AWS has features such as audit trials, data integrity and authentication protocols, while also having several security certifications like ISO 27001 and SAS 70 Type II, just to name a few. No matter the size of your data, AWS will keep it private and secure.


While using the internet for storage isn’t flawless as outages can occur, storing data and information in the cloud is more secure than keeping it on a local hard drive. If that hard drive were to get lost, break or be stolen, your data goes along with it.


In addition to a heightened level of security, AWS can also integrate monitoring solutions to ensure that you always know the health and status of your AWS services. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to check out this source: AppOptics + CloudWatch | AppOptics

 Faster Speeds and Agility

In the past, hiring or deploying a server could sometimes take multiple days or even a week. As you could imagine, this could become very costly for business, both in terms of money and time. However, AWS and cloud computing in general is on-demand and something that would have taken multiple days will now only take a few minutes.


This allows you to quickly deploy your application without having to talk to anyone. In addition to that, however, AWS also has many features that allow developers and IT professionals to cut down time spent on a number of different tasks. In general, AWS will allow you to provision a variety of computing resources (even a lot of them) in only a few mouse clicks.

It is a Cost-Effective Solution

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One of the single best things about AWS cloud computing when compared to traditional methods of computing is how cost effective it is. With traditional methods, you will have to pay an upfront cost to purchase the hardware and set up your on-site data centers. However, with cloud computing, you will only pay for the computing and resources that you use and need.


There are no contracts, commitments or anything like that, which is a great thing for business owners, especially those on a budget. This also allows users to quickly and easily change their setup based on their business needs and will allow companies to scale effortlessly. So whether you want to scale up or down, AWS makes it easy and affordable.

 It is Easy to Use

In order for a technology or tool to be popular nowadays, it needs to be simple and easy to use.

Thankfully, the AWS platform is so easy that even someone new to the space should be able to use and understand it with ease. Navigating the platform is straightforward and clear, and there likely won’t be a long learning curve before you’re using it confidently. There are also numerous tutorials and guides provided to you that can help you get started, and answer any questions you might have.


Also, if you do happen to run into some issues or need some assistance on doing anything within the platform, there are a ton of helpful forms and blogs online which should be able to help. Also, the AWS support team is high quality, so you should be able to get your question answered directly from them as well.

 High Level of Flexibility

These days, with how much integration and interconnectivity there is with technology, it is important for tools to be flexible. Because of the way it is designed, AWS lets users select the OS, web app platform and programming language they want to use, so it is incredibly flexible and usable for a wide variety of different people with different skills.


This makes it very easy to migrate the process for existing apps, while also still giving you a lot of different options when it comes to creating new solutions for your business. Also, because AWS helps to streamline the entire development process, there isn’t really a need for additional products or services, though you can still elect to use them.


In conclusion, hopefully this article has been beneficial to you and has helped you learn and understand some of the many benefits of AWS cloud computing. Many believe cloud computing is the way of the future and with experts projecting it will continue to grow, they could be right.