Why is Branding Important For Google Search?

Branding your website means that once your brand builds a reputation for itself, your customers and people that have heard about you will be able to find your brand name by using a simple Google search. One of the most important points we must emphasize to make sure searches for brand come top is that you think carefully about the name of your brand and website.

One of the most well-known SEO sites, Majestic SEO, is a good example to use here. Their brand name cannot be found on page 1 of Google when you search for just the term ‘Majestic’. There are in fact a number of other companies that have the same name. That said, if you type in ‘Majestic SEO’, then the brand can be found very easily.

Be Thoughtful About How You Name Your Business

Making sure that people can find your brand by at least searching the brand name + industry is extremely important. This means that you are going to have to shortlist a few different brand names and search on Google to make sure that there are no other businesses that you are going to competing with for your brand name as a search term.

Majestic are OK because they have the domain name majestic.com too, so this makes life easier for them. But, if you decide to name your brand Wikipedia or Apple, then you can already imagine how difficult it is going to be for someone to find your brand. Firstly, you need to get past all the searches for the fruit itself, then you will also be in competition with Apple iPhone and Apple Mac products.

Making sure your brand name is unique at least within your industry will give you two main advantages:

  1. The chances are the website URL for your brand name has not been taken
  2. You will not have to make much effort at all to rank top

Example of Using a Common Name As Its Brand Name

There was a company called IDF Hong Kong that invested over $10,000 into web design and their brand. IDF stood for ‘Infrastructure Development Fund’. You can imagine how many IDF Funding companies there are in the world let alone in Hong Kong. In the end even the fact that their company was base did Hong Kong did not help them.

The director of the company has the bright idea of thinking that Google AdWords would be the answer to all their problems. He turned out to be wrong because in the world of finance money is not an object when comes to advertising financial institution’s services within the field of infrastructure development.

With up to $15 per click just so people could find the IDF HK brand name on Google, the company spent a small fortune on a search term that they should not have needed to spend anything. They also tried with some SEO, but their budget was way too small and the website was not going to match the authority of HSBC and other banks that offer IDF funding management services.

In the end, they had to rebrand their entire website, which by and large cost them another $4,000. Luckily the content on the website and the web design did not need to be changed, just logos and some alterations to areas of the content where the old IDF HK brand name was mentioned. They also were lucky that they got a good deal on this.

Don’t Make The Same Mistake As IDF

In the Netherland’s they say vindbaarheid google. That means findability on Google, or being found on Google is extremely important. If you already have a brand name and other brands or search results show when you search for your business’s brand name, then you should seriously consider what you can do to change the name of your brand. Sometimes just adding initials or an extra word to the brand can help achieve this. It is not ideal in many situations, but you will lose a lot of business if people are unable to find your brand.

Obviously, if you are a local company, then there is less to worry about. People should know that they need to append the location name in order to find your brand. If your brand name plus area appended is not showing, then there is a serious problem somewhere. Check that Google has indexed your website and make sure you have Google Webmasters set up on your website so you can look for any potential issues.

There is nearly always a reason behind why your website is not ranking locally. Most of the time a small amount of brand building using outreach SEO will help your site quickly get to number one for searches for your brand in the area you operate. If you are still having issues, then employ the services of a professional marketing company such as Rankrebels.nl.