Why should you publish your content on LinkedIn?

If you think about this, there are a lot of reasons why you must schedule articles on LinkedIn with a posts scheduler like Postcron that offer a social media posting tool perfect for this work.
I would like show you some of the main ideas that i have:

– LinkedIn used to help me to increase my web traffic. 
According to a research by a specialized web, LinkedIn have sent four times more visitors to B2B websites than other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.  The researchers conducted a Study of two year involving the study of 2 million people to 60 business websites.  The results show how many visitors each network referred:

  • LinkedIn: 64{74ac7784dadf43f9b58c4d98e87460d0946757c5dce9d4030e31309037540402} of visits to websites from social media. 
  • Facebook: 17{74ac7784dadf43f9b58c4d98e87460d0946757c5dce9d4030e31309037540402} 
  • Twitter: 14{74ac7784dadf43f9b58c4d98e87460d0946757c5dce9d4030e31309037540402}

This is why I suggest join to LinkedIn.

– LinkedIn has 300 million users.
This makes it the third largest social network.  Because it is very qualified audience, I suggest to make your campaigns on this site. 

– If you just share your status on LinkedIn, you can reache 20{74ac7784dadf43f9b58c4d98e87460d0946757c5dce9d4030e31309037540402} of your followers.
In other Social Media Networks like Twitter and Facebook, one post allows you to reach only 10{74ac7784dadf43f9b58c4d98e87460d0946757c5dce9d4030e31309037540402}.

– LinkedIn is a leader in conversions.
A study done by HubSpot with more than 5,000 businesses reveals that the traffic from LinkedIn generates a better conversion rate on visitors with 2.74{74ac7784dadf43f9b58c4d98e87460d0946757c5dce9d4030e31309037540402} (Facebook 0.77{74ac7784dadf43f9b58c4d98e87460d0946757c5dce9d4030e31309037540402} and Twitter 0.69{74ac7784dadf43f9b58c4d98e87460d0946757c5dce9d4030e31309037540402}).

I show you below the corresponding graphic:

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