Why Use a Single or Twin Disc Clutch

As we have all heard it from time and again, bigger is always better. For some, they say it is better to go home if you can’t go big. While most of these sayings are checked in the tongue and inspire the people to get more than what they think they can, it is not always the best way to go concerning the performance of an automotive. When it is all about your clutch, getting the most expensive or big clutch has no difference in anything including performance.



The Meaning of Too Much Clutch in your Vehicle


Getting insight from a technician will lead you to understand the time when it is necessary to get a twin disc clutch for your muscle car as well as when it is often considered too much for the car. The street twin clutch that has an aluminum flywheel can handle over $1,200 horsepower. This type of clutch is mostly used for the street racing cars.

The use of twin clutches can be traced back in the 1970s. This is because they were necessary to provide twice the surface for clumping without needing any pressure exceeding the normal amount. This is a good condition for those cars that experience more track times as well as a higher horsepower engine. Sometimes you can induce a too much clutch for your car by installing a twin clutch for a car that has less than 500 horsepower.

Clutch Choices and Horsepower


Twin clutches emit heat better. This is an important consideration for those cars that experience more track time. Your car should never get hotter than the racing cars for the street cruisers. For this reason, the street single disc clutches can work well for the 500-horsepower machine. A twin clutch can also work for the car. However, you might be spending extra money for nothing while not exploiting the full advantages of the twin clutch performance.

An aluminum flywheel, likewise, is always lighter than the steel type. For this reason, it can be of great importance to have the lighter one if you want to make the horsepower quicker when you are racing. However, remember that energy is never stored in the aluminum flywheel. Therefore, it can be problematic to spotlight. Before releasing the clutch, you must have the revs up to avoid stalling the engine.

The Steel Flywheel


You will create a better inertia when using the steel flywheel. This makes it better when driving on the streets for you and your clutch. This is because steel has the mass to make it easier for increased engaging time. For a street car, the aluminum provides less drivability. Therefore, it should only be used when performance is paramount.

For cars that have over 500 horsepower, a twin clutch should always be considered. While you want it to offer you with the additional frictional material, it also goes beyond that to offer you with more clamping force with a small amount of pedal effort. In a racing environment, it is imperative to dissipate the heat quicker.