7 Modern Tech Features to Make Your Car Luxurious

Just as the interiors of a house are necessary for home management, likewise your car can be transformed to give it a huge facelift through modern tech. But this aspect is often overlooked by car owners. It goes beyond merely owning and driving a car. Proper tech designs can add so much value to your car and improve its assets.

Checking through Collected.Reviews and feedback about car dealers, here are 7 modern tech features car owners are taking to completely transform their cars and give them a huge facelift. Consider it avant-garde!


Opinions show that changing and customizing covers can instantly give your car a new look. You can change your seat covers and have them heated. You can do the same for your steering wheel with a splash of matching color. If you are feeling generous, you can get covers for your gear stick.


There is a term for this and it’s ambient lighting. These are lights that keep your car interiors quiet and relaxed with a full-on light show. The ambiance is sure to radiate a sense of glamour and vitality. The lights do not have to be ablaze and brightening. A work of slow and soft lights that would not hurt your eyes is enough. You can mount the lights in such a way that they illuminate the doors and other interior surfaces.


The interior surfaces of your car are often either plastic or vinyl and are prone to dents, dents, and scratches. But they can be revitalized by painting them. With the right primer and paint, also deploying the right spraying techniques, your car is on its way to looking fresh and unused when done. In addition to painting the vinyl and plastic surfaces, you can extend the painting to even the fabric seats.


How would it sound that your car, after looking brand new, smells musty? You need a fragrance to keep the bad smell away. Extend the appreciation of your car from the eyes to other senses of feeling like the nose. Let it be thoroughly felt and celebrated. Get a modern tech air freshener to keep your car smelling fresh with a nice cool scent.

Tools & Gadgets

What makes up the technology world if not tools and gadgets? Get tools and gadgets that work exclusively for your car and you’ll be delighted at the luxury that beholds your attention.


Car maintenance today can be made smart with the rise of maintenance tools and apps. While before you would have to wait for your local mechanic to arrive, today’s maintenance process is different. You won’t have to wait with the many mobile apps that are strewn across the internet.


Integration keeps your car smart. Get the right modern tech integration tools for your car and you’ll be surprised at how show-room smart it looks!


There are many ways to give your car that luxurious change or update. You can do this by changing the covers, deploying lights, painting, and freshening your car room with a cool fragrance.