All You Need to Know About Bigcommerce

E-commerce has evolved to become a massive industry in its own right and there are many people that are making a good income out of selling goods online. However, for anyone that is just starting to think about creating their very own store, it can be difficult to know how to go about it – specifically when choosing which e-commerce platform to use.

One such platform is Bigcommerce and we are going to be taking a closer look at what they have to offer in this article.

What is Bigommerce?

For those of you that are wondering what is big commerce, it is a template-based platform that allows users to create their very own eCommerce store that they can use to sell their products online. In years gone by you would have to have your very own website designed and have shopping cart features added in – both an expensive process which has now been simplified by the platform that BigCommerce gives you.

Why is BigCommerce so Popular?

If you were to check any of the many Bigcommerce reviews that you will see online, most will mention just how easy the platform is to use.  Creating your store is easy as you can use one of many different templates before customizing them a little bit and as for running your website, this is simple too.

The many features at your fingertips is another popular aspect of Bigcommerce as you can enjoy social media integrations, set up the checkout system to accept the forms of payment you would like and can add and manage products easily.

What Does it Cost?

Bigcommerce starts at $29 a month for a standard package, $79 per month for their Plus package and is $249 per month for their Pro package. Now, while this all sounds very affordable, they have recently made changes that are not going to go down too well with some of their better-earning customers.

This is because if your e-commerce store is making more than $125,000 in revenue each year, your fees are going to skyrocket. Obviously, if you are doing well on their platform you can afford it but at the same time you are almost being punished for doing well


While the pricing issue is one that will rankle with many, we are sure that if your e-commerce store is even making at least $125k per year you will be more than content. As for Bigcommerce as a whole, it is certainly one of the better e-commerce platforms out there and one that we would recommend that you try.