Multiple Avenues for Church Tithing

The Lord has called us to give back. We know this command, but the struggle remains, not all of us Tithe as we should. The reason is as long as they are complicated. Whatever the reason, we must keep in mind that God’s word specifically speaks about giving. In fact, the topic of Money is talked about quite often in God’s Word. More than other topics we focus on. “Invest into my kingdom” the Lord says.

Make Giving Easy; Moving beyond “passing of the Baskets”

As a Church we should strive to make giving back to his kingdom as easy as possible. What good does it do to have a congregation that is well versed in the importance of tithing if they cannot have easy and various avenues for giving. The reality of today’s generation is that not everyone tithes via the baskets passed down the pews near the end of the service. Some people may find this uncomfortable or simply inconvenient. The “passing of baskets” assumes everyone either has cash on hand or checks, and the reality of that is limiting for a couple of reasons. First of all, many people simply do not carry cash and others have never even seen personal checks. The second reason “passing of baskets” is limited, is due in part to the amount of money people can give and the consistency of that giving. Let’s say, I know I want to tithe $200 a week on a consistent basis, however, I do not own personal checks. If only baskets are passed, I must ALWAYS carry $200 cash on me every Sunday in order to tithe consistently. While this is possible, it is unlikely that it will be consistent. So how can we as a church make things easier and more consistent in regard to tithing?

Church Giving Software

If given the option, many people today would love to tithe via some sort of app or program. Fortunately for the Church body, but more importantly the kingdom of God, there are already numerous types of Church giving software that function effectively and are ready for quick and easy use. According to, one of the leading sites for discovering new business software, they discuss the importance of ease of use in church giving software. They explain how a particular company by the name of is providing this. easy to use software

Another important component for tithing software, is that it must be accessible via different devices, such as txt, mobile app, or software based. The following review website explain in detail how a certain company offer various avenues for church giving. multiple ways to give This involves giving through a text, mobile app, or even wen based.

1 Corinthians 10:31 states, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” This call to give everything back to our Lord should strive for us to give the best of ourselves, our money, our time, and really all our investments. Providing multiple avenues for the church to give back helps fulfill this call.