Tips That Could Treble Your Vacation Rental Bookings

Renting out a bedroom, floor or a whole property is becoming one of the go-to secondary careers that millions of people around the world are taking advantage of. It has never been easier to get your property listed and due to the current trend whereby travellers are preferring this type of accommodation over hotels when vacationing, there is plenty of money to be made.

Previously, running such a business would require you to work full time but now it is easier than ever due to listing platforms from the likes of Airbnb. They get your property out there and will help with the payments side of things as well.

However, if you really wanted to increase the number of bookings that you get, as remember that you will have tons of competition, is to take a look at some of our tips below.

Get Your Own Website

While listing sites are great at helping you to advertise your vacation rental properties, some guests prefer it if you have your own website. This makes you look far more professional and also allows easier direct communication with your potential guests.

This does not even have to be as difficult as it might sound either. You will not have to employ an expensive web designer as you could just use the vacation rental software from the likes of Lodgify. Here you can build your website using the many templates that they have to offer. You will even be able to use their booking system so that you can take direct payments from your guests directly through your website.

You will also be able to take advantage of the vacation rental online marketing that platforms such as Lodgify will be able to help you with.

Get Social Media Accounts and Link to Your Website

You will probably know just how big social media is in this day and age and just how effective it can be for online marketing. Millions upon millions of people use social media, so by having a presence here and creating posts which can be shared, your business could pick up extra followers and potential customers.

Link your social media accounts to your website and anyone that visits your profile will be able to have quick access to your website and your property listings.

Allow People to Enjoy Short Stays

Many vacation rental owners tend to forbid stays that are just a few days in length. Why this is understandable in a sense, by allowing short stays you will be getting more guests and therefore more reviews about their stay at your property. As you will know, more positive reviews makes it more likely that future travellers will choose your property over others.