Trends in Cybersecurity for 2017 and 2018


The past few years have brought about interesting phenomenon in the world of cybersecurity. During the past few years, we have seen major changes in the TalkTalk that accompanied a fine of not less than $400. President Donald Trump of the United States also talked about the major changes we expect to see in cybersecurity during these past few years as the country claimed that he was elected under the influence of the Russian hackers. Let us also look at some of the things we expect to see in 2017 and beyond when it comes to the world of cybersecurity.

1. Cybersecurity regulations improvements

We also need to note a continuing improvement in all the relevant regulations that can apply to customer security. The fast-moving and dynamic nature of the cybersecurity trends outfaces the regulations that often take less time to be affected. This is the reason why security is hindered when it comes to better business values. They also hinder the culture of compliance with a false sense of security. Against the motivated and agile enemies.


2. Data theft to turn into data manipulation

During the year 2017 and beyond, we expect to see the data hackers changing their theft methodology from stealing data to manipulating the information to suit their specific needs in the industry. This also means that data integrity will be compromised. This is the special type of attack we expect to see now and in the future to serve in the long term as opposed to the previous theft. This action also causes reputation damage to companies and individuals by working towards getting their clients to question about their data integrity.


3. Demand for security skills will rise

One of the things that make organizations and companies prone to cybersecurity attacks is the global lack of experts in the cybersecurity. This is perhaps the reason why many hackers are launching their numerous attacks to companies randomly to see if they have strong cybersecurity systems in place. As the companies realize that their current cybersecurity strategy is not efficient to counter the hacker’s attacks, they will also work towards developing better strategies to foster security. This also means that they will embark on a journey to seek the experts in the field to ensure they stay in line with better business. While companies continue to outsource their security needs, they will also foster internal training sessions to accelerate better business values. Devops security is one of the solutions to cyber security threats.


4. The internet of things and cybersecurity

While most cybersecurity companies have embarked on a journey to make it possible to secure all devices connected to the internet using the internet of things, they may not achieve much until the end of 2018. This is to allow more time to formulate the best business plans to foster achievable results for a long-lasting expedition. On the contrary, the scammers and hackers are formulating better tactics to trick even those who developed the cybersecurity structures in the first place. Therefore, everything is working towards assimilating better business values in the industry.